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Craig Spinks
(he, him, his)
Co-Founder, CEO
Craig Spinks is a seasoned video producer who specializes in veterinary video production and emotional marketing. The company he co-founded in 2017, Veteos, has quickly become the go-to resource for veterinary video production. Its growing staff has worked with numerous veterinary practices and industry partners and has received twenty-three NAVC Vetty marketing awards, including “Best in Show – Nonprofit” in 2019 and 2020 and “Judges Choice” awards in 2018 and 2022.. Craig lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two kids, and a rescued dog and cat.
Heather Kalinowski
(she, her, hers)
Project Coordinator
Heather has over a decade of experience in the veterinary industry, including work with MightyVet, a non-profit organization that provides free resources to veterinary professionals to aid in their career and wellbeing. With her background in marketing and communications, she brings a fresh perspective to the work we do at Veteos and her lifelong admiration for veterinary professionals ensures Veteos clients receive the respect and quality of work they deserve. In her free time, you’ll find Heather curled up with a good book or watching Schitt’s Creek, her 14-year-old black lab by her side.
Ally Specter bio photo
Ally Specter
(she, her, hers)
Operations Manager
Ally has always been extremely fond of two things: her menagerie of pets during childhood and working in an environment with passionate individuals. With Ally’s work at Veteos, the two work hand in hand. Client satisfaction and employee engagement are at the center of everything Ally pursues. Coming from a Human Resources background, Ally brings a high level of organization and value for efficient systems and processes. Ally spends her free time in the beautiful Colorado sunshine with her husband and kitty.


Josh Barnes
(he, him, his)
Senior Producer

From childhood, Josh has been captivated by the magic of media. This passion led him to explore diverse fields, from high-energy Sports Broadcasting to the touching Veterinary Industry. Discovering his calling in marketing, Josh now harnesses the power of visual storytelling to connect with audiences far and wide. He enjoys bringing captivating stories from the veterinary realm to life, celebrating the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved animals.

At home, Josh is the proud parent of two pups and enjoys exploring the picturesque landscapes of Colorado through hiking, biking, paddleboarding, and other adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities.

Clay Bowen
Video Producer
After getting his first camera at 7 years old, Clay has never stopped his exploration of visual storytelling through a collection of social, feature, and commercial cinematography. He focuses on spreading positivity and making an impact with every story he pursues. Growing up with birds, bunnies, and (so many) rescue dogs, Clay also has a soft spot for all animals and has always been fascinated with the veterinary space. During his rare moments away from a camera, he enjoys running, mountain biking, and obsessing over every Apple product.
Canaan Hurst
Video Producer
Canaan has always loved telling true, powerful stories. While in college, he became passionate about filmmaking and hasn’t stopped since. He fully believes in the power of visual storytelling to not only communicate effectively, but also to do good in the world through emotional and thoughtful narratives. Canaan’s filmmaking career has covered long-form documentary series, promotional material for commercial brands, as well as live and studio music performances. Having grown up with dogs, Canaan loves animals and is very excited to bring his passion for visual storytelling to this industry. When away from the camera, Canaan loves spending time with his wife, playing music, and hiking in the mountains of Colorado.


Nic White
Senior Producer, Motion Graphics
Nic, an award-winning VFX artist, brings a passionate dedication to visual storytelling, showcasing a rich background in creative direction and motion design. With a professional history marked by innovation, Nic is thrilled to spearhead and evolve alongside the motion design team, bringing creativity and excellence to projects.
Clay Peppiatt
Motion Graphics Designer
Personalized Video Specialist
Art and animation grabbed Clay’s attention from a young age and has yet to let go. Using this passion, he sought out more experience in the animation and motion design industry. After graduating from a small university in western Kansas with a degree in graphic design, Clay focused on animation motion design. Clay is excited by his work at Veteos and an important part of our team.


Ben Spinks, MBA, CVPM
Co-Founder, Business Advisor
Ben Spinks temporarily (or so he thought) entered the veterinary industry in his current capacity in 2004. He planned on helping a veterinary practice “run some numbers” over the summer to delay his inevitable entry into the corporate world. That one summer stretched longer than he anticipated, and he’s been the Hospital Administrator of Tipp City Veterinary Hospital ever since – now as a co-owner. Always fascinated with his cousin Craig’s video projects, he jumped at the chance to collaborate with Craig and form Veteos. Outside of his roles with TCVH and Veteos, Ben helps organizations solve issues, maximize growth, and improve business performance (Branchworth). He lives in Tipp City, Ohio, with his two pups and thoughtful cat.
Dr Nick Portrait
Nick Mathias, DVM
Co-Founder, Veterinary Advisor
Dr. Nick Mathias graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007, but his roots in veterinary medicine and his connection to both Vetoes co-founders run deeper. Nick comes from a family of veterinarians and co-owns the Tipp City Veterinary Hospital with his father, brother, and Ben Spinks. His first official job in the industry was in the lodging facility at TCVH in 1998, alongside Ben. He first worked with Craig and Quadrid Productions in 2003, the year before entering veterinary school. Nick practiced medicine full time at TCVH until 2015 when he transitioned to a technical services/educational role with an animal health company. Nick’s professional passion is to help veterinarians become heroes to their patients, clients, and staff. He has followed this passion and speaks nationally on related topics. He lives near Washington, DC with his wife, three kids, and an energetic standard poodle.