Six Challenging Clients at Every Veterinary Practice

We all have them: challenging clients – from “Dr. Google” to clients that refuse to look up from their smartphone, and everything in between. We can chose to dismiss these challenging clients, or shift the way we communicate with them so that everyone gets more out of the interaction. Here are some suggestions for how to respond to the six characters highlighted in the video:

Social Media Obsessed

These are the people folks who are always taking photos and posting on your wall. It can feel a little invasive to have people posting photos from within your practice, but think of it as free marketing! How can you harness the power of these followers? Try encouraging people to post photos of their pet on your page. And while you at it encourage your staff to do the same!

Yelp Critic

Dr. Google

Smartphone Addict

Surprisingly Tech-Savvy

Telemedicine Enthusiast

What strategies do you use to communicate with these types of clients at your veterinary practice?

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