10 Ways Video Can Help Veterinary Practices

Most veterinary practices think of marketing when they think of how video can be helpful to their practice. While that’s true, video can be very helpful for marketing, there are many other ways that video can help out. Let’s take a look at some ways video can help your practice.

1. Attract New Clients (Conversion Tool)

A video that’s front and center on your website that captures what you’re all about. The right video will help differentiate and convert new clients.

“Every Pet, Every Person, Every Time”, Logan Animal Hospital
Produced by Veteos.


  • Don’t focus on your building, services offered, or equipment.
  • Instead, build trust by focusing on your passion, your staff, and your expertise.

2. Retain Existing Clients

Stay top of mind with ongoing social media videos.

“What Did You Do with Your Pet over the Weekend?”
Shot on an iPhone as a test by Veteos..


  • Keep these fun and engaging, not promotional – just staying top of mind
  • Target lapsing patients with Facebook ads (create an audience using email list)

3. Increase Compliance

If a patient is diagnosed with an ear infection, send them home with a video demonstrating “how to clean your pet’s ears.”

“How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears”
Shot on an iPhone as a test by Veteos..
“How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears”
Produced by Veteos (available for personalization)


  • Make your own (similar to the example above)
  • DIA – a platform by Patterson with functionality to send videos to clients
  • Veteos On-Demand – personalized client ed videos

4. Improve Client Experience

Display video content on a lobby or exam room TV.


  • Use a mix of entertaining and educational content, not heavily promotional
  • Curated content is better than live TV (no political ads!)


*Also see our blog post about this topic for additional ideas.

5. Raise Awareness

Share videos that raise awareness about important topics, despite not having enough time in exam rooms to cover everything.

“Lumps and Bumps”
Produced by Veteos (available for personalization)

6. Humanize Your Brand

Highlight a topic or story that your staff is passionate about.

“Forrest’s Story”

I made this video to document Forrest’s story. Please enjoy! (And my apologies as I’m definitely not a videographer.)

Posted by Jen Weston on Monday, May 27, 2019
Produced by Jen Weston at (Northfield Animal Hospital)

7. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Demonstrate your staff’s expertise in interesting and fun ways.

“Removed a cuterebra from a 1 pound kitten’s nose!”

Pretty awesome day! Removed a cuterebra from a 1 pound kitten's nose!

Posted by Sheabel Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

8. Communicate “What to Expect”

Help clients know what to expect with a video that communicates the process. This can also help with increasing consistency in messaging and reduced exam room / followup call time.

“What to Expect from a Dental Assessment and Treatment”
Produced by Veteos..
“What to Expect from a Fear Free Vet Visit”
Produced by Veteos.

9. Energize Your Staff

A video that captures your values and the “why” behind those values will also energize your staff.

Produced by Veteos.

10. Recruit New Staff

A video specifically designed for new veterinarians and technicians can be a helpful differentiator in today’s job market. Video is also great for capturing the intention behind trendy words like “mentorship” and “work-life balance”.

“Ralston Vet: A Different Kind of Work Environment”
Produced by Veteos.
“Say Bye Bye Bye to your old job…”
Produced by Thrive

Additional Video Ideas


  • Build a relationship with a local news station to be their go-to source
  • Video SOPs
  • Before and after video for medication or treatment (ex. skin)
  • A day in the life (good for client-facing and for recruiting)
  • Video showing how daycare assessments are done
  • Video from a pet’s perspective
  • How pets perceive fear / Fear Free
  • Videos highlighting ancillary services
  • DVM bio videos – include with confirmation emails
  • Client endorsement
  • “Pet of the Month” videos – visit this page for a tool that’ll help you create these videos, for free!

Go Give It A Try

Now that you have some new video ideas – go make a video! Need help getting started? Good news, we have a post about that as well!