Smart Ways to Use Lobby TVs in Veterinary Practices

Your lobby TV is a valuable asset in your veterinary practice, but are you using it to its full potential? Instead of relying on random channels or leaving it off, consider how curated content can enhance the client experience. When clients spend time in your lobby, even briefly, you have a prime opportunity to engage, educate, and build a stronger connection with them. Here are some updated ideas to make the most of your lobby TV and turn waiting time into an informative and enjoyable experience.

Use a Digital Signage System

Ditch local and cable TV and use a digital signage system to control the content displayed to your clients. Here’s how:

Create a Looping Presentation

Connect your lobby TV to a dedicated computer and create a looping slide deck (via PowerPoint, etc.). Some content ideas are included in a section later in this post.

Take Your Loop to the Cloud

Simplify the process by subscribing to a service like ScreenCloud. With ScreenCloud, you can easily drag and drop content in the desired order, making it a breeze to keep your lobby TV fresh and engaging. Additionally, Veteos On-Demand offers a “Lobby Loops” feature compatible with any TV, along with a comprehensive library of veterinary client education videos.

Add Personalized Video Content to the Mix

Keeping content fresh can be a burden. Subscribing to a service like Veteos On-Demand will provide ongoing video content that’s even personalized for your practice. Veteos On-Demand can even have an add-on called VetCast that manages your ScreenCloud account so you don’t have to!

Keep the Volume Low (or Off)

Loud TV volume can startle patients and annoy front desk staff. Keep the volume just loud enough to be audible within a few feet of the TV or turn it off completely. Select video content that conveys information visually rather than relying on audio. Turning subtitles on can also be helpful.

Content Ideas

Outdated or poor-quality content on a lobby TV can be worse than having no TV at all. Create systems for regularly updating your content. Here are some ideas for what to include:

Client Education Videos

Clients are in the perfect state of mind to learn more about their pets while at your practice. Choose seasonally relevant educational videos and change them regularly. Videos produced specifically for your practice can help build your brand and establish you as a trusted source of information. Check out Veteos On-Demand for personalized client education videos.

New Patient Welcome Slide

Welcome new patients with a slide or animation that your team can update each morning.

Patient Photos

Pet parents love seeing patient photos. Take photos of pets during visits or encourage clients to tag you on social platforms to add these photos to your loop.

Staff Spotlights

Dedicate slides to staff bios, new employee spotlights, or work anniversaries. This personal touch helps build trust in your brand.

Success Stories

Share short success stories (50 words or less) with text and a cute photo to make emotional connections with clients while demonstrating your team’s expertise.

Community Involvement Spotlight

Showcase your team’s community involvement with photos from recent events. Keep this content fresh; anything older than six weeks may feel outdated.

Core Values/Mission Statement

Include your practice’s core values and mission statement as a reminder of your commitment to clients and their pets.

Don’t Overdo It

While a variety of content is great, avoid having too much in your loop. Ensure the content is relevant, engaging, and of high quality. For longer loops, consider duplicating key slides to ensure clients see important messages at least once during their visit.

Try It Out

Leveraging modern technology allows you to take full control of your practice TVs, transforming them into powerful tools for client engagement. Implement these strategies and observe the positive impact on your client interactions and overall practice atmosphere.