February 23, 2020 Craig Spinks

Lobby TV Tips

Put Your Practice TVs to Better Use

What’s showing on the TV in your lobby right now? Local TV? Animal Planet? Maybe a political ad during a commercial break? Perhaps nothing at all because it’s turned off? Ideally, clients aren’t waiting in your lobby for very long, but for those times when they are, be sure that meaningful content is being displayed so that you don’t miss an opportunity to engage with clients. Here are some ideas for putting your lobby TV to better use.

Use a Digital Signage System

We recommend that you ditch local and cable TV and utilize a digital signage system that allows you to gain control of the content being displayed to your clients. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Create a Looping Presentation

Connect your lobby TV to a dedicated computer and create a looping Powerpoint or Keynote presentation. Some ideas for content are included in a separate section below.

Take Your Presentation to the Cloud

To make things easier, subscribe to a service like ScreenCloud, where you can drag and drop content in the order you’d like them to be displayed. ScreenCloud integrates with countless platforms so that you can interweave things like photos from your Instagram feed side by side with 5-star Google reviews and your own video content.

Add Personalized Video Content to the Mix

Keeping content fresh can be a burden. Subscribing to a service like Veteos On-Demand will provide ongoing video content that’s even personalized for your practice. Veteos On-Demand can even have an add-on called VetCast that manages your ScreenCloud account so you don’t have to!

Populate Exam Room TV Content based on PIMS Data

Inulogica has a great tool that integrates with your PIMS software to display a report card for the patient in the exam room as well as content that’s tailored to that pet’s situation.

Keep the Volume Low (or completely off)

Having the volume turned up too loud on your lobby TV can result in startled patients and annoyed team members working your front desk. Try keeping the volume just loud enough to be audible within a few feet of the TV, or turn the volume completely off. Select video content that shows relevant information in the visuals, rather than requiring audio. Turning on subtitles or closed captions can also help.

Ideas for Content

Perhaps even worse than not utilizing a lobby TV is having a lobby TV with outdated, stale, or poor quality content. We recommend that you come up with some consistent templates and themes upfront that you can create easy processes for your staff to regularly update content. Here are some ideas.

Client Education Videos

Pet parents will never be in a better state of mind to learn more about their pet than while at your practice, so choose videos that educate clients on the most relevant topics. Change these videos out so they are seasonally relevant. Videos produced specifically for your practice will also help build your brand and encourage clients to think of you as their go-to source for information. Check out the Veteos On-Demand library of client education videos that are personalized to match your protocols and branding.

New Patient Welcome Slide

Welcome new patients by creating a slide or animation that can be updated by a CSRs first thing each morning.

Patient Photos

It’s amazing how pet parents get mesmerized by patient photos. Take your own photos of patients as they come in for visits, or encourage your clients to tag you on Instagram (and use a service like ScreenCloud to display your instagram feed).

Staff Highlights

Dedicate some slides for staff bios – perhaps new employee spotlights or highlighting work anniversaries. This will help build trust with your brand as it makes your staff more personable.

Pet of the Month

Highlight your Pet of the Month with a dedicated slide, or use Veteos’ free Pet of the Month tool to create a Pet of the Month animation.

Success Stories

Highlight short success stories (50 words or less) with some text and a cute photo. This will help make emotional connections between clients and your practice.

Community Involvement Spotlight

If your team is involved with volunteer work in your community, highlight that involvement with photos from a recent event. Be sure to keep this content especially fresh, as anything more than 6 weeks might feel more dated than other content.

Core Values/Mission Statement

Add your practice’s core values and mission statement to the mix as a reminder of what you’re all about.

Don’t Overdo It

While it’s great to have a variety of content – and for your content loop to not be so short that it loops multiple times within one sitting – it’s also possible to have too much content in a loop. Be sure the content that is in your loop is relevant, engaging and meets your standards for quality. For longer loops, you might consider duplicating the slides you find to be more important to ensure that clients see those slides at least once during any given visit.

Go Give It A Try

Luckily, technology these days makes it easy for practices to take control of their practice TVs and use them for good.

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