Veterinary Video Production Specialists

Veteos is a video production company that works with veterinary practices throughout North America to create engaging videos used for marketing, client education, compliance, and staff recruitment. We also produce video content for other businesses within the vet industry – promoting their products and services. Each of our seven team members specialize in veterinary video production, and are Fear Free certified. Veteos has received twenty-three NAVC Vetty marketing awards, including “Best in Show – Nonprofit” in 2019 and 2020 and “Judges Choice” awards in 2018 and 2022.

Our Story

In 2008, Ben Spinks (a practice manager) called up his cousin, Craig Spinks (a videographer), to see if he’d be interested in producing a video for his practice. At the time, neither of them realized the significance of that video. They soon discovered it was being used as a teaching tool by several industry experts as an example of what veterinary marketing should look like. That led to additional opportunities for Craig to work with more veterinary practices. This is when Craig realized the challenge he was up against. Veterinary practices love to talk about their services, fancy equipment and impressive buildings – but none of these things are particularly good for marketing. Over the next several years, Craig continued to work with veterinary professionals and developed a passion for the industry. In January of 2017, Craig’s existing business was rebranded as Veteos, with Ben becoming a partner in the business. In the years since, Veteos has changed the way veterinary professionals communicate with pet owners. And the fun continues.