Veterinary Video Production Experts

Our unique niche allows us to produce effective videos at a high quality level while meeting the actual needs of veterinary professionals.

We also specialize in emotional marketing. Veterinary marketing often appeals too much to people’s thoughts and not enough on their feelings (where science has proven decisions are made). That’s why we focus more on aspects that gain people’s trust rather than shots of equipment and procedures.

How Veteos Began

In 2008, Ben Spinks (a practice manager) called up his cousin, Craig Spinks (a videographer), to see if he’d be interested in producing a video for his practice. At the time, neither of them realized the significance of that video. They soon discovered it was being used as a teaching tool by several industry experts as an example of what veterinary marketing should look like. That led to additional opportunities for Craig to work with more veterinary practices. This is when Craig realized the challenge he was up against. Veterinary practices love to talk about their services, fancy equipment and impressive buildings – but none of these things are good for marketing. By this point he’d become passionate about the industry and wanted to make a difference. This time Craig called Ben asking for help. Together they decided to form a new company that would forever change the way veterinary professionals would communicate with pet owners.


“Veteos Brand Video”

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