Custom Videos

Shot onsite at your veterinary practice to answer client’s #1 question: “Can I trust you with my family member?”

Subscription Videos

Provide veterinary practices with engaging monthly videos to use on websites, social media, email newsletters, etc.

Industry Partner Videos

Help organizations serving the veterinary industry communicate effectively through video.


Who would think there would be a need for experts in veterinary video production? Our co-founder, Craig Spinks, certainly didn’t think so. Well, at least not at first. After fifteen years making videos for small businesses of all kinds, Craig Spinks produced his first video for a veterinary practice and thought “wow, this is tougher than it looks!” Fast moving dogs are difficult to keep in focus. Cats are challenging to capture looking relaxed. And veterinary staff often want to highlight equipment, services, and buildings, all of which aren’t great for effective marketing. While that first veterinary video could have been his last, Craig saw it as an opportunity. Veterinary practices have something worth capturing: passion. And passion is attractive to pet owners looking for someone to entrust with their furry family members. Craig had always loved working with passionate people, so he decided to form Veteos, a video production company specializing in veterinary video production. Craig knew he’d need help understanding the ins and outs of the veterinary industry, so he partnered with Ben Spinks, a practice manager (and also Craig’s cousin) and Nick Mathias, a veterinarian who acts as our veterinary advisor for our client education videos. Over time, we’ve become experts in the field of veterinary video production. Fast moving dogs, no problem. Relaxed cats — we’ve got our camera in one hand and catnip in the other. And for those well-intentioned practice owners, we now have the experience to confidently work alongside them to produce video content that accomplishes their goals, while also being engaging and effective. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in the veterinary industry or are a veterinary practice looking for a custom video or client education videos.