A collection of some of the questions we get asked most.

General Questions

How much does a video cost?

Veteos On-Demand pricing can be found on the subscriptions page of our website. Pricing for our most popular custom videos can be found on our custom videos page. When a project’s needs are more unique, we’ll come up with a personalized quote to meet your specific needs.

I have multiple locations – can I get special pricing?

We offer special pricing for practices under the same ownership – let’s talk. Custom videos are also eligible for multi-location pricing, please request a custom quote.

I’m clueless when it comes to technology – can you help?

Good news – we go out of our way to ensure your team knows all the best ways to utilize each video. We include an implementation guide with every video, have an automated “Buzz” Facebook posting add-on, and a simple “VetCast” add-on for lobby TVs. We’re also happy to help via email or phone, when needed.

I need subtitles embedded in my videos. Is that available?

Sure thing! Every video is delivered with a .srt file for adding English and Spanish subtitles to Facebook, YouTube, etc. Upon request, our subscription videos can come with a version with “burned-in” English subtitles for use in lobby TV loops that do not have audio.

Custom-Made Videos

When will my custom video be finished?

In most situations we can shoot your practice’s footage within 4-6 weeks, with final delivery about a month after the shoot (with several checkpoints for your feedback).

Do you travel to my location?

Our Denver-based videographers travel throughout the United States (international, if you ask nice : ) We find that it’s worth the cost of travel to have access to our videographer’s level of quality and expertise shooting in a veterinary environment. Travel costs are billed separately, at cost (usually $700-1,000 for a one-day shoot).

What are your payment terms for a custom video?

Custom videos require a 50% deposit in order to book a shoot date. The remaining 50% balance and travel expenses are due upon delivery of the final product. If you have a subscription to Veteos On-Demand, you can choose to spread the cost of a custom video over the course of 12 months (12-month commitment required).

On-Demand Subscriptions

Can I continue to use my videos if I choose to end my subscription?

Yes! You own the videos received during your subscription and can continue to use them, even if you choose to end your subscription.

When do I get my first video?

You’ll be able to select and personalize your first video immediately after completing a short onboarding process (10-15 minutes) and receive it in 1-2 hours.

What comes with each video?

We include an implementation guide with each video that walks you through best practices for using your video, including samples titles, description and keywords for Facebook/YouTube. We also include thumbnail images, subtitles file, and (upon request) a version of the video with subtitles “burned-in” for use in lobby TV loops without audio.

Do you have feline-only videos available?

Yes! We have a number of videos that are feline-specific. Sign up for a free trial to explore our full library of videos.

Who owns personalized On-Demand videos?

When we send you a video, it’s your’s…forever…even if you cancel your subscription. But there are a couple limitations. You can’t modify it or resell it and you’ll need to check with us before using it for broadcast on television (sometimes the music we use prohibits this usage).

I have an idea for a video! Are you open to suggestions?

Yes! Please email your idea.

Do you offer On-Demand subscription pre-payment?

Absolutely! Contact us for more information on paying for a 12-month On-demand subscription upfront.

Can I cancel my On-Demand subscription?

Our On-Demand subscriptions can be canceled at any time, effective on your next renewal date. Packages containing custom-made videos canceled within in the 12 month commitment will not renew after 12 month commitment.

What if my practice logo changes or we rebrand with a new name?

No problem! We can add your new branding to all the videos in your personal catalog for a reasonable fee (about $10 per video).

Do you have equine-only videos available?

We currently do not have the content to support equine-only practices, but we are looking into expanding our library to accommodate these practices.