Emailing Videos to Clients (newsletters/email marketing)

Emailing Videos to Clients (newsletters/email marketing)

If your practice sends out an electronic newsletter or marketing emails on regular basis, consider featuring the video in an upcoming issue. You could use the titles and descriptions examples in the Quick Start Guide for each video.

Set Up a Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing is a popular communication strategy that your practice can use to send (or “drip”) pre-written messages to clients or prospective clients over a set period of time. The messages can be sent via email or SMS text messaging. Three factors are central to drip marketing campaigns: 1) the messages being sent are uniquely applicable to the recipient based factors like their status with your practice, the age of their pet, a pet’s medical condition, etc. 2) the timing of the messages follows a predetermined schedule; and 3) once a recipient is enrolled in a specific series of messages, the system is typically automated and doesn’t require any further action on your part.

How could this be used at your practice? Good question – here are some examples:

You could set up a system that would automatically send a series of weekly personalized emails for several months to pet parents of new puppies or kittens (a different set of messages for each species). The emails could provide timely tips on preventing behavior problems, provide education on topics like developmental phases and pertinent health concerns, and (hopefully) inject some trivia and humor along the way. Many of your personalized Veteos videos could be utilized throughout the series.
Another example would be setting up a system to automatically send out a series of messages regarding a pet’s medical diagnosis. For instance, pet parents with a newly diagnosed diabetic pet could receive messaging outlining lifestyle and diet changes that would be beneficial. Similar messaging could be prepared for a wide range of conditions and diseases.
Additional opportunities for targeted series of messages could include: species, age, breed, seasons of the year, new clients, first time boarding guests, behavioral interventions, obedience training, pet’s transitioning to new diets, pre and post-op surgery, etc. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of potential here.
If you want to explore this topic further, Zapier, a leading technology integration company, has a guide available that provides a comprehensive overview of how drip marketing works and how you could get started at your practice.